Mix Tapes... Vol. Thirteen: Come To Your Senses

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The city’s hard, the city’s fair empfiehlt aus irgendeinem Grund
Lesbian Vampire Killers, auch weil wir Trash lieben.

Come To Your Senses
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Text: Dylan Thomas, Da wir nur Menschen sind
01 Elephant Parade: Grand Opening
02 Glasvegas: Whatever Hurts You Through The Night
03 Dum Dum Girls: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)
04 The Leisure Society: Come To Your Senses
05 Caitlin Rose: Things Change
06 Rainald Grebe Und Das Orchester Der Versöhnung: Oben
07 The 5, 6, 7, 8’s featuring Jack White On Guitar: Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
08 The Mamas & The Papas: My Girl (The Temptations)
09 The New York Dolls: Trash
Text: Sarah Kirsch, Die Luft riecht schon nach Schnee
10 The Kills: Baby Says
11 Buddy Holly: Maybe Baby

01 The Strange Boys: You Can’t Only Love When You Want To
02 The White Stripes: Blue Orchid (live)
03 Pulp: Do You Remember The First Time? (live)
04 Russian Red: Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
05 Girls: Thee Oh So Protective One
06 Ja, Panik: Nevermore
07 Laura Marling: Blues Run The Game (Jackson C. Frank)
Text: Deleted Scene from The Boat That Rocked (Rhys Ifans speaking)

08 The Wave Pictures: I Love You Like A Madman
09 The Sonics: Psycho
10 The Raveonettes: Forget That You’re Young
11 Orange Juice: L.O.V.E. Love
12 The Notes: Happy Birthday
13 The Vaccines: Nørgaard
14 Karen O and The Kids: All Is Love
15 James Carr: That’s What I Want To Know.


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